Dr Kevin Ryland is the director of Education project management. He has been working in the higher education sector for over 20 years in the UK and Australia. He has had many roles in the sector but what links nearly all of them is that they have been project based. He therefore has extensive experience in running projects in the higher education field. The nature of the projects have ranged from setting up international feeder routes into university courses, developing programs for international students and more recently his work has been focused around doctoral education.

In Australia he set up a national database of postgraduate scholarships through a consortium of over 35 universities. He also has undertaken a number of large scale online surveys across the higher education sector, one with over 5,000 responses the other over 1,800 responses. In each case nearly every university in Australia participated and in the latter the majority of universities in New Zealand also participated.

He obtained a Master in Education from Monash University, which examined the influence of reputation on the choice of universities by international students. He also obtained a PhD from Deakin which examined how part-time doctoral students undertook their studies alongside their other responsibilities such as paid employment and family responsibilities.

Dr Ryland thus can offer high levels of project management services to the clients of Education Project Management based on experience and research.

Education project management can undertake a number of types of projects including:
1.Feasibility studies
2.Project Management
3.Program evaluation
4.Analysis to inform strategic planning

Example of previous work undertaken by Dr Kevin Ryland
1. Evaluation of the economic and public sector Australian Aid program in PNG
2.International benchmarking of university graduate schools in Australia, USA, Canada, UK and NZ
3.National survey of Australian doctoral students
4.International survey of Australian and New Zealand doctoral supervisors
5.Analysis of ten years of Australian doctoral student population
6.Analysis of doctoral student feedback for James Cook University.
7.Management and implementation of an Australian database for postgraduate Scholarships