Education project management provides an integrated and individual service for decision makers in the education and training sectors to allow them to undertake evidence based decisions based upon rigorous and ethical research. In addition provide project management services to clients which will free them from the need to find short term staff and resources to undertake small and medium sized projects.

Using appropriate statistical and qualitative methods Education project management can provide data for evidence based decision making for managers and researchers. This will allow education decision makers to measure activities and/or performance to make informed choices based on focused data and analysis. Education project management can also undertake small and medium scale projects in wide variety of educational environments in a highly cost effective way.

The aim of Education project management is to provide managers and researchers in the education sector a service based on rigorous and ethical research using evidence based analysis and not simple formulaic responses adapted from previous work. The work will be carried out by Dr Kevin Ryland a research trained social scientist with an extended and varied background in higher education.